Paragon Encrypted Disk SE

Paragon Encrypted Disk SE 3

Encrypt all of your personal data


  • Strong encryption algorithms
  • Allows you to mount and unmount disk images
  • Wizard-driven interface makes it easy to encode your data


  • There are some more powerful encryption solutions out there


Sadly, data theft is an incresingly common crime these days and there are plenty of digital bandits who would be only to willing to pilfer your files for juicy information.

Aside from learning the finer points of cryptography yourself, you could install Paragon Encrypted Disk to create 'images' in which data is encoded.

These images can be either 'mounted' or 'unmounted'. When a disk is mounted, it means it is active and you can use it like any other local disk, copying files and folders, and creating and editing new files.

The difference is that the disk is totally encrypted with powerful algorithms, which are completly transparent, leaving you free to get on with your work without having to worry about the data being unsecured.

When you unmount a disk it means its contents are completly unaccessible anymore. You can then write this container file to any compact media such as a CD, DVD or USB stick and always carry the encrypted disk with you without fear of someone getting hold of your data if you lose it.

Encrypted Disk 3. 0 is a set of system drivers, plug-ins, wizards and utilities to store your data in an encrypted form but use these data in a common way as if it is not encrypted.

This software is intended for people who want to have their important information encrypted but do not have enough time to study cryptography.

Paragon Encrypted Disk SE


Paragon Encrypted Disk SE 3

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